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Cirrelia Thaxton is a freelance Writer interested in Freelance Jobs.


Social Media: Bottomline Basics

By Dr. Cirrelia Thaxton

June 7, 2017

Social media is perfect for small businesses that wish to leverage online platforms to engage with customers in real-time. You can define your niche by sharing your vision through channels of social media that make the most sense for your products and services. Knowing your audience will help you to brand your business and achieve its mission. The bottom line is that you ought to be aware of these three, impactful business basics.



Choose Your Best Platforms

There are many social media options on the Internet today. The seven essential social networking platforms for you to use are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

These sites promote business sharing and generate the most traffic. They can substantially boost small business clientele by giving people a chance to share their experiences with you as they learn more about you.

In addition, don’t forget to start and maintain a company blog. Having your own business blog increases brand loyalty by enticing your customers and keeping them informed.

Use Social Media Tools

These applications enable you to maximize the efficiency of social media platforms on so many levels. For instance, on Twitter, Tweetdeck allows you to monitor customer tweets across multiple accounts. Likewise, the tool LikeAlyzer for Facebook helps you analyze page activity and other valuable statistics. Incorporating social media tools into your daily advertising schedule adds to your potential for online marketing success.

Try New Networks

Exploring social media will help you find new people who are attracted to your brand. New social media platforms are constantly springing up, and they deserve to be recognized for their ability to support small business needs. The point is to contact customers by gaining fans, friends, and followers who want to know more about you and your business. Set up test accounts on different platforms that suit your niche. In doing so, you will find invaluable business resources that ensure you win the social media game.

In Closing

In addition to taking advantage of these three, basic opportunities, it is imperative that you strive to diversify your marketing strategy. Make decisions about your business plan based on your potential to enhance your company’s online presence. By leveraging the bottom line basics of social media, you can expect to build a better brand, reach your target audience, and make more profits.